Do you have blocked ears and require ear wax removal?


Ear wax removal

Blocked ears can leave you suffering with a mild form of hearing loss and feeling uncomfortable.

At Nathan Gluck Hearing Care, we understand how important hearing is to everyday living, both during one-to-one conversations and social situations, including the ability to hear background noise when necessary.

Ear infections, clogged sinuses, fluid in the ear and more, could all cause blocked ears, however ear wax is amongst the most common causes.

Ear wax as it is commonly known, is the result of your ear canal producing a waxy oil called cerumen. The body's process helps prevents foreign particles from entering your ears, a form of natural defense.


How to remove ear wax

Our simple microsuction ear wax removal service will only take minutes, a simple procedure which will gently remove the wax from your ear canal.

Please contact us today if you wish to find out more about our ear wax removal service or hearing services available. Our quick procedure is only available at our Head Office in Golders Green.
The majority of our patients achieve instant results, and leave our center being able to hear clearly again.

It is best to consult a specialist as opposed to attempting to extract the ear wax yourself, as you may inflict damage to your ear canal.

If you are looking for an effective treatment to solve your ear wax problems, contact our hearing care consultants or walk into our Golders Green center and receive the treatment the same day.

If you would like to learn more about all our professional hearing services available, simply browse our Website for further information.