What a Hearing Consultation Includes


A frequent enquiry we receive..."what does a hearing aid appointment actually include?"


How long will the consultation last?

An initial consultation with a member of our specialist hearing care team should last approximately 1 hour, which includes paperwork to confirm we can assess, followed by an initial examination of an individuals ears, leading to a full hearing test/assessment. Some assessments however may take slightly less time or slightly longer, depending on the individuals hearing.

We feel it is essential to discuss an individuals daily routine and requirements, to ensure we fully understand their lifestyle and any concerns they may have, or identify any aspects which may interfere with a particular type of hearing aid, influencing our recommendation.

The hearing test results are instant, which our hearing specialists will discuss, providing a jargon free explanation, making sure a client understands their hearing results fully, prior to making any decisions.
The very latest audiology equipment is used to conduct the hearing test, in a designed sound proof booth.

Will the hearing test hurt?

No...a series of sounds will be heard during the hearing assessment, which are not invasive to the individual in any way.

hearing aid test

Our specialists ensure a relaxed environment, explaining each aspect of the assessment every step of the way. If a hearing aid is recommended by the specialist, once the results are analysed, depending on the severity of hearing loss, an impression of the individuals ear may need to be taken. This is also a pain free process, described as similar to a dental impression.

Am I likely to require a hearing aid after the assessment?

Maybe...some individuals will have a substantially reduced level of hearing which our specialists may feel could be greatly improved, ensuring they benefit from the use of a hearing aid, however an individuals results may equally show they have a sufficient level of hearing, which does not require the use of a hearing aid.

Previous clients who have experienced hearing loss, have discussed with our hearing consultants how much easier their lives have been since having a hearing aid fitted. Everyone's hearing should be checked regularly and monitored to ensure average hearing abilities are reached. 

If you do require a hearing aid once your hearing assessment is complete, we can help you choice the right hearing aid for you. Our wide range of hearing aid models are supplied from the most respected manufacturers in the industry, catering to a vast range of lifestyles.

If you require a hearing home visit, simply select this link to find out whether you are eligible.


It is our job to ensure each individual receives the best hearing care treatment possible, from the initial hearing assessment to annual checkups to ensure every hearing aid continues to work to perfection.