Nathan Gluck Professional Hearing Aid Domes


There is a large variety of hearing aid domes to choose from, selecting the correct dome for your hearing is important for both comfort and hearing aid functionality.

A hearing aid dome is a small plastic bell-shaped piece which is attached the end of a tube inserted into the ear canal.

Open Style Dome - Designed and sculptured with openings for sound to pass through from outside of the hearing aid, to prevent experiencing the "occlusion" effect (hollow sounds from your own voice). This style of dome is ideal for people with high frequency hearing loss, with no need to amplify low frequencies. It is generally recommended to people with mild cases of hearing loss.

Tulip domes designed to fit snugly into the ear canal fixing the sound outlet in place, funneling the amplified signals into the ear canal, are another style of open hearing dome which you may favour.

Closed Style Dome - Designed to reduce the sound from outside of the hearing aid, to boost key sounds. Closed hearing domes are generally better at boosting low frequencies below 500HZ. This style of hearing aid or a custom built hearing aid, are recommended for people who have more sever levels of hearing loss.

A variety of sizes and designs of each hearing dome style are available to suit many different ear shapes.

Key features to be aware of prior to purchasing, if you are still unsure please discuss in more detail with one of our hearing care specialists:

  • Open domes and tulip domes are the least occluding
  • Power domes do not provide an open fit - as they obstruct the ear canal
  • Open domes can sound more natural - both sounds around you and your own voice
  • Open dome fittings do not usually require an impression of your ear to be taken - it is possible to walk away with a digital hearing aid from your appointment the same day

Ensure you clean the the hearing aid domes on a regular basis with a cloth, rubbing off any excess ear wax accumulated and replace regularly. Please consult our hearing care team for further dome maintenance advice, or perhaps you require our quick and effective ear wax removal services?

We believe everyones unique hearing requirements should receive specialist hearing care.

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Our range of hearing aid domes each designed by trusted manufactures include Phonak domes, Widex domes, Widex Tulip domes and more, all displayed below: