Wax Guards and Filters

Nathan Gluck Wax Guards and Filters Range

We provide a variety of reliable branded hearing aid accessories, such as CeruStop wax guards, Oticon wax guards, PureGuard Gauze wax filters and more, each at great prices.

Wax guards are designed to prevent wax from entering the hearing aid and interfering with the electronics. To maintain the wax guard, you must ensure you change its wax filters regularly to prevent wax build up, leading to distorted hearing and further hearing aid problems, if poorly maintained. Changing a hearing guard filter is quick and simple with a tool removing the existing filter and inserting a new filter, in two easy steps, however consult our hearing professional if you require a demonstration of how to do so. Our Smart wax guards protect a hearing aid from both wax build up and moisture ingress. Other wax guards such as our Otcon no wax guards are manufactured from a environmentally friendly material, making them easy to discard after use. Our CeruStop Wax Guards-N and XL models have the additional benefit of being moisture repellent and much more. Our wax filters are often used with in-the-ear and receiver-in-the- ear custom moulds. Packs contain a number of wax guard filters with a removal/insertion tool included. Wax Guards are not interchangeable they must be replaced with like-for-like products.

Simply contact us today if you wish to find out more about any of our wax guard or wax filter range, or book an appointment with one of our professionals.

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