BlogUK Deaf Awareness Week 2016

UK Deaf Awareness Week 2016

UK Deaf Awareness Week 2016 took place 2nd - 8th May, to raise awareness and pursue the ongoing challenge to change society’s perceptions of hearing loss.

At Nathan Gluck Hearing care, every individuals hearing is taken seriously. We agree that people can sometimes ignore how they are "hard of hearing", and we appreciate many struggle to accept they might have a hearing impairment, however if it interferes with your lifestyle, a simple hearing test is recommended.

Our trusted three-step programme will determine the right hearing solution for your hearing requirements.

The national UK hearing charity Action on Hearing Loss, chose to promote awareness of how being deaf or having hearing loss doesn't mean you can’t realise your dreams!

Inspirational stories were shared across the UK and top tips on how to be more deaf aware, were exchanged.

Are you deaf aware? Do you know the basics of British Sign Language (BSL)? Why not get involved all year round...


Donate to Action on Hearing Loss and help fund personalised support services, pay for research into treatments and power campaigns to make life fairer.

Look for the signs which may indicate you are suffering with a level of hearing loss, or perhaps someone close has raised their concerns about your hearing and recommended you seek further advice.

With our flexible open hours, there's no need to delay, simply book an appointment to manage your hearing. If you're eligible for our local home visit service, we can cater to your needs.

To find out more about our hearing services and seek advice today, simply contact our professional hearing consultants on 0800 781 0422, or by emailing

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UK Deaf Awareness Week 2016