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Travelling with hearing loss

Travelling and Hearing Loss

Have you considered all the planning involved before booking a trip this year?

There are many different ways to travel, and places to visit, however have you read a few of the top tips on travelling with hearing loss, to ensure you get the best experience possible? Share these top tips with any of your friends who suffer with hearing loss too. With a little extra planning, being prepared will mean you will be able to fully relax without stress when you reach your destination. 

With the holiday season upon us, whether you're going to the coast, or abroad, you'll want to get the best out of your holiday.

You'll be unfamiliar with new facilities in a holiday environment, which may or may not cater to your hearing loss needs. Before you leave, whether for yourself, or someone you are travelling with, find the time to inform the accommodation, that someone with hearing loss will be staying and you will require facilities which are properly equipped.

Remember to clean your hearing aid before you travel and pack a spare hearing aid if you have one. Extra hearing aid batteries plus any cleaning tools required whilst you're away, may also be a useful precaution. If you have a visual alarm kit, it maybe advisable to pack your own, in case your accommodation facilities cannot provide you with one.

Think ahead...ensure your travel insurance covers your hearing aids and accessories. Note the nearest hearing aid clinic in the area you’ll be travelling to, in case you require hearing assistance whilst away.

If you're travelling internationally, you should remember to pack a travel adaptor, in addition to your hearing aid charger too of course!


Transport and Hearing Loss

Depending on the type of transport you take, different top tips will apply;


  • When walking through an airport, you may want to switch your aids off or down near security detectors which can cause an uncomfortable buzzing sound.
  • Ensure it is noted when booking you flight, that all flight change alerts are to be text or emailed to you to read.
  • If possible, book a seat near the front of the plane and notify members of your flight crew of your hearing impairment prior to taking off, to alert you personally of any regulations or unscheduled announcements.

Trains and Buses

  • Ensure if the transport stops are not clearly marked, that you have a paper or electronic route map downloaded on your phone, or ask another passenger to alert you when at your destination, if you're travelling on transport alone.
  • Ask transport staff before departing, if there are any important safety announcements, which you maybe unable to hear on route.


  • Finally, if you plan to drive on your trip, get an extra large rear-view mirror for easier communication (lip-reading or hand signals).
  • Always ensure passengers are aware your concentration is maintained on the road at all times, before departing for a road trip.
  • You can hire a bluetooth phone system for hands free calls, alternatively an FM system to filter any conversation directly into your ears.
  • Select the link, for more information about driving with hearing loss.

If you action these top tips, you can be sure of a more relaxed holiday this year. We pride ourselves on offering our patients the best advice and services as individuals.

If you would like to schedule a hearing aid test or an ear wax removal appointment prior to your holiday, simply book with our professionals today, via form or call us directly on 0800 781 0422.

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Travelling with hearing loss