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Tinnitus awareness week 2019

Are you aware that it's tinnitus week?

Help us raise awareness of tinnitus, by supporting Tinnitus Awareness Week which is taking place this week - Monday 4th February - Sunday 10th February 2019. 

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During the week across the world, local events, tinnitus information days, media interviews, science communication activities and much more will be raising awareness throughout the public. 

So, what is tinnitus? Tinnitus is the term for the sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of any external sound. It is often described as a "constant ringing in ears". Symptoms of tinnitus are you may hear different types of sound, for example, ringing, whooshing or humming or buzzing in the ear. Occasionally people even have tinnitus that has a musical quality and can seem like a familiar tune or song. These can be continuous or they can come and go. The tinnitus might seem like it’s in one ear or both, in the middle of the head or even be difficult to pinpoint.

Whilst we do not know the exact answer to what causes tinnitus, we know that it is not a disease or an illness. It is generally agreed that tinnitus results from some type of change, either mental or physical, not necessarily related to hearing.

How do we hear? When we hear, sound travels into the ear and then the hearing nerves take the signals to the brain. The brain is then responsible for putting it all together and making sense of the sound. Because the ears don’t know what’s important and what’s not, they send a lot of information to the brain. This is too much information for us to process, so the brain filters out a lot of unnecessary ‘activity’ and background sound, such as clocks ticking or traffic noise.

Tinnitus 2019

Things which may help - Tinnitus relief:

  • Talking to someone (family and friends)

  • Relaxation - reduce stress

  • Using a hearing aid - take care of your hearing health

  • Using sound - a noisier environment makes it less noticeable (tinnitus sound therapy is available)

  • Addressing sleep problems - to rest your mind

  • Professional support - seek advice

The British tinnitus association offer as much detailed information as possible about the condition and how to help, with this year's message to remember "You're not alone":

Tinnitus Week 4-10 February

Tinnitus Week 2019 is taking from 4-10 February. We're focusing on tinnitus and isolation this year. Find out about how to get involved here.

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Tinnitus awareness week 2019