BlogThe quality of our service and hearing aids

The quality of our service and hearing aids

We promise to provide a service which diagnoses and delivers the personal hearing care you, as an individual requires.

We ensure your comfort and needs are met throughout every stage of our hearing care service, from booking an appointment, to a hearing test, hearing aid fitting, and the appropriate level of aftercare required.

Our North London hearing service offers patients fully trained audiologists who ensure good treatment, a simple hearing test and a selection of the best hearing aids available on the market. Advice will be based on every individual's personal needs and lifestyle requirements. If one of our digital hearing aids is required, the right advice will be given depending on the hearing loss type and level, to ensure a suitable solution.  

Quality hearing care is at the heart of our process, if you feel you suffer from any level of hearing loss, or know someone who does, don't wait a minute longer, book an appointment with us today!

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Mirella Bistocchi, president of ANIFA, about why the quality of hearing care services is not about market penetration.

A hearing aid will undergo regular use, therefore quality must be a key factor in your decision-making process, you simply can't put a price on hearing...

Before we carry out a personal hearing evaluation we make time to listen to your concerns. Before we begin talking about customised treatment, we’ll talk you through the results of your hearing test, with jargon-free explanations.

If you're looking for open, honest and clear advice, come visit us, you’ll never be under any pressure or obligation to take the advice we offer, or hearing device we recommend. It is our job to deliver you a high-quality service to assist your everyday requirements.

- We are a responsible hearing care provider, who only ever puts your needs first -

The quality of our service and hearing aids