BlogThe Latest Technology in Hearing Care - The Phonak Audéo V

The Latest Technology in Hearing Care - The Phonak Audéo V

Do you want the latest features a hearing aid can offer...?

The NEW Phonak Audéo V is advertised as "the future of hearing solutions now". Understanding speech in the most challenging listening situations is the main desire of the majority of people suffering with hearing loss.

The days of struggling to keep up with a conversations in person, or on the telephone, or even problems listening to television dialogue, is over!

Hearing aids have dramatically decrease in size over the years (to invisible hearing aids), whilst performance and durability has continued to develop to high quality standards for wearers. A hearing aid which adapts to surrounding sounds, in addition to main conversations is the ultimate goal, with wearer's being able to hear a range of sounds at different levels all at once, taking listening solutions to the next level. 

Technology has advanced, we are now capable of analyzing listening environments in real-time, whilst automatically adapting and optimizing to all sounds around. Hearing care professionals can now personalise specific settings to a wearer's individual needs, due to the enhancement of the chips complex algorithms. This will allow the wearer to focus on particular sounds in different scenarios, as they wish. This clever new hearing aid is capable of detecting the presence of different frequencies and reverberations and adapting accordingly. This innovative technology gives the performance to reconnect people with the beauty of sound.

Selecting the best hearing aid for individuals has never been easier

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Any individuals style and preferences vary according to the next, with different lifestyles playing a key role in choosing the right hearing aid to match all requirements. An array of different coloured options are available too, as discussed in the article above.

Phonak, the Swiss based leader in hearing solutions have spent time developing a hearing aid to deliver tailor made listening excellence. With a supply of invaluable feedback from hearing care professionals and listening to the requirements of several individuals who encounter hearing loss daily, resulting in technology being utilised to produce the ultimate hearing solution. 

If you would like to find out more about this latest edition to the hearing care market, simply contact Nathan Gluck Hearing Care today, to find out more and take advantage of our professional hearing services.

The Latest Technology in Hearing Care - The Phonak Audéo V