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The Advantages of a Digital Hearing Aid

Do you know the differences between Digital Hearing Aids and an Analogue Hearing Aids?

Both consist of the basic components, an amplifier, microphone, speaker and battery, detecting different sounds, pitches and tone, which are projected louder into the ear.

Digital simply represents incoming sound signals, which are broken down and converted into digital information (algorithms) which is processed.
The main advantages and improvements a Digital Hearing Aid has made:

  • Giving the ability to amplify specific sound frequencies which are more relevant to an individual user, not picking up disruptive background noise as much as Analogues which detect all sounds - Digital Hearing Aids work by allow hearing specialists to program them to amplify only the high frequency speech sounds and suppress background noises.
  • Hearing Aid adjustments help assist everyday living scenarios, such as phone calls, noisy shopping malls, cafe's etc.
  • Small technology allows Hearing Aids to be smaller and more discreet - new model designs.
  • Each Individuals hearing requirements can be fine-tuned quickly and easily.

To read further advantages and differences associated between Digital Hearing Aids and Analogue Hearing Aids, please select the link below:

We provide a professional range of Hearing Services, suppling Digital Hearing Aids from the leading manufacturers in Hearing Care, to suit each individuals requirements. 

Different lifestyles have a great impact on the best style of Hearing Aid for an individual requirements. Invisible Hearing Aids are a particularly popular choice, as they fit discreetly deeper within the ear canal, as opposed to a Hearing Aid which is worn behind the ear, channeling sounds in.

Various Hearing Aid Domes are available, simply Book an Appointment today and visit one of our hearing centres for further advise on the most suitable solution for you. If you are eligible for a Hearing Test Home Visit, we can provide the service locally. 

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The Advantages of a Digital Hearing Aid