BlogSigns you maybe losing your hearing...

Signs you maybe losing your hearing...

Do you feel you may need to book a hearing test?

Perhaps your friends and family are concerned about your hearing and have recommended you seek further advice.

As mentioned in the link below, evidence suggests it can take people up to "10 years" to do something about hearing loss and stop ignoring the problem.

Affecting 90% of us in our lifetimes, people loose their hearing gradually over time, sometimes making it hard to identify at first.

Let's take a look at some of the most common signs, which may indicate you are losing your hearing:

Signs you are losing your hearing - Action On Hearing Loss: RNID

You may have been having problems with your hearing for a while, but it’s best to deal with hearing loss sooner rather than later. Action on Hearing Loss is the new name for RNID.

So why book a hearing test with Nathan Gluck hearing care...

  • We provide a personal service, based on an individuals lifestyle, before recommending the right hearing instrument
  • Conduct a full hearing test in a sound proof booth
  • All our consultants at each branch use the latest audiology equipment
  • Provide a wide variety of top quality hearing aid models
  • We deliver "jargon free" hearing test results to all our customers
  • Personal fittings and full instruction on how to use each hearing aid
  • Home visits are available for those who are eligible
  • A committed and extensive hearing aftercare service
  • Battery renewal and insurance facilities are available if required

We take the time to understand you and your hearing aid requirements, to prescribe the most effective solution to assist your hearing.
We work closely with the major manufacturers and are therefore able to provide customers with completely independent advice and equipment.

Learn more about our simple 3-step programme, or take a few minutes to Book a Hearing Test with our hearing consultants today.

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

Providing a personal and professional high-quality service

Signs you maybe losing your hearing...