BlogSchool is out for Summer!

School is out for Summer!

The School holidays 2017 are upon us, do your children require a professional hearing test or ear wax removal?

Our family-run business reaches out beyond North London and North West London into Hertfordshire and Middlesex, providing a private hearing test service, private ear wax removal and more. Our jargon-free explanations and healthy hearing care services are tailored to individuals, ensuring daily lifestyles are taken into consideration. 

An individuals requirements will affect the choice of suitable hearing aid devices offered, in order to select the best hearing solution possible. 

We are proudly independent and a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, operating under their Code of Practice, and of the Customer Care Scheme run by BSHAA.

Our popular earwax microsuction procedure is quick, simple and pain free, removing any discomfort which you or your child maybe experiencing, restoring hearing back to normal in no time. We'll give your ears the all clear! 

Our services are available for the majority of ages, as recent international studies have found, addressing any level of hearing loss at a younger age, has a positive impact to reduce the risk of developing dementia at a later stage in life. "Act now" not when the damage is done was the message perceived. Hearing health is just one of the nine crucial factors discovered to reduce the risk. 

We have a wide range of hearing aids available, for different types of hearing loss, perhaps you saw our recent news listing some of the best designs on the hearing aid market for 2017?

Learn everything you need to know about ear wax via the link below...we are here to help when the excess wax has built up beyond home self-cleaning...

Everything you need to know about earwax - We’re All Ears

Oil. Sweat. Dirt. Dead skin. While you may scrub this stuff off your face, you actually want it in your ears. It may sound mildly disgusting, but earwax is essential… » read more

So whether you or your child require a hearing test to determine any level of hearing loss being experienced, or simple ear wax removal treatment, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to book today. 

We offer same day ear wax removal appointments, with Sunday opening hours too!

We are commitment to keeping pace with technological advances and research & development in the hearing care sector. Take some time this summer with your children to visit one of our clinics and look after your hearing health. 

Nathan Gluck Hearing Care

- tailored to your individual needs - 

School is out for Summer!