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Same Service - Longer Hours

Do you require ear wax removal outside of 9am - 5pm Mon - Fri...we can help!

Not only do we provide same day appointments, we've also expanded to providing ear wax removal on a Monday evening between 2:15pm and 7pm at our Stamford Hill Clinic hearing centre, or perhaps all day Sunday at our Golders Green hearing centre suits you.

No more having to schedule a weekday appointment in between your working hours, as we provide our ear wax removal service all weekend to accommodate to our customers.

At Nathan Gluck Hearing Care, we believe in going the extra mile.

If you're experiencing blocked ears, or suffering with hearing loss, please book an appointment today.

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We're an independent hearing care, ear cleaning and ear wax removal clinic. London clients can call us at 0800 781 0422 to book an appointment.

Same Service - Longer Hours