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Remembrance Day and Hearing Loss

There are many reasons to treat hearing loss, with Remembrance Day 2017 fast approaching this Sunday, there's one more reason...

Pay honour to those who fought and fell on the battlefield during World War I. Remind your loved ones of the pivotal moments in history.

Good hearing care and hearing health are essential for a better quality of life. Please don't ignore hearing loss, and the opportunity to listen to ceremonial dedications clearly this Remembrance Day.

If you feel you are experiencing hearing problems at any level, simply book a quick, pain-free hearing test today. Our professional audiologists will determine whether hearing aid devices are required, and if so, the best solution to suit your lifestyle. They will listen to your concerns and provide a jargon-free explanation of the best hearing care plan for you as an individual. It couldn't be made simpler at our clinics, being able to listen, laugh and interact with your family and friends is life-changing, no-one wants to live in social isolation!

Other key reasons to wear digital hearing aids if you require them:

  • If you are struggling to hear work colleagues and your career is suffering the consequence 
  • If you do not notice hazardous noises around you, e.g. a car horn or fire alarm, you are risking your safety 
  • If you are struggling to hear the TV or Radio, ruining your entertainment and enjoyment 

Treating hearing loss is essential, we help people regain their ability to understand others clearly throughout their daily lives. Take control today, don't miss out on participating in everything you wish too. Here at Nathan Gluck, we are committed to keeping pace with technological advances in hearing health to give you the right advice, to suit your requirements. 

We will be remembering all those who gave and lost their lives, this Sunday at 11am. 

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Remembrance Day and Hearing Loss