PureGuard Gauze Wax Filter (15 Pk) R/L


Code: 030

HF4 gauze filtered wax guards are used in hearing instruments manufactured by Puretone, GNResound and others. They're sometimes called 'PureGuard'. They are often used with in-the-ear and receiver-in-the- ear custom moulds. Each pack contains 15 gauze wax guards and a removal/insertion tool. They are available in both red and blue for easy identification of the left and right hearing aids. Be careful not to confuse HF3 wax guards with the slightly larger than the HF3 version.

Wax Guards are not interchangeable they must be replaced with like-for-like replacements. Wax guards protect the hearing instrument from wax and debris which might otherwise enter through the receiver opening. 


The price includes either right or left gauze only. Please specify when you checkout which gauze you require.

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