BlogProtect your hearing this Bonfire Night

Protect your hearing this Bonfire Night

Enjoy Fireworks this November 5th safely...

Guy Fawkes night is a spectacular evening in the calendar each year, lighting up our skies with multiple colours, appealing to all firework fans. However have you considered how you'll be protecting your ears from the loud noise exposure?

We are regularly exposed to loud environments all the concerts, work machinery, in the school playground, at the cinema, arcades and various other noisy environments. Whether it's a loud Halloween party or a landmark firework display which you're attending over the next week, have fun but give sound protection a thought.

On average, fireworks often produce a sound output between 150 to 175 decibels, which can over time cause permanent hearing damage. Please be aware that prolonged exposure to any noise at or above 85 decibels can be damaging.

With bonfire and firework celebrations taking place all over the UK, it can be hard to avoid. We urge all parents and kids alike, to following our advice to prevent hearing loss and avoid tinnitus (ringing in your ears).

  • Stand a safe distance from where the fireworks are being set off (not too close)
  • Consider wear ear plugs or ear defenders (some form of ear protection to avoid uncomfortable loud noises)
  • Avoid shouting into friends and families ears whilst watching the fireworks (talk before and after the display) 

There can be many causes of hearing loss, if you feel you are experiencing any form after attending a firework display this year, ensure you attend a hearing test immediately.

Book an appointment with one of our professionals today, to be safe. Have fun this bonfire night, but listen to audiologists advice!

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Protect your hearing this Bonfire Night