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Our Easter Open Hours

If you require emergency ear wax removal, or a hearing test this weekend, we can help, please see our Easter 2017 open hours:

We are open by appointment only this Thursday 13th April, Friday 14th April and Sunday 16th April

Unfortunately we are closed Monday 17th April and Tuesday 18th April

We reopen for normal hours from Wednesday 19th April


Have you ever thought what you eat, may influence your hearing health?

Recent research has shown how hearing loss and iron deficiency are linked. 

You may know how important it is to have iron in your diet for overall health reasons, giving energy too, however study has recently found those with iron deficiency anaemia (IDA) are twice as likely to have hearing loss than those without the blood disorder. It is important to remember, and think about how diet and exercise not only impact your weight and heart functionality, but your hearing health too...insufficient iron levels will impact your health in many ways.

Find out more about how iron levels affect your hearing health, by simply following the link below:

The link between iron deficiency and hearing loss

A recent study sheds more light on the role iron plays in protecting our sense of hearing.

Garden hearing health?

Similar to the benefits of an iron rich diet, growing your own vegetables and eating a variety of fresh fibres, vitamins and minerals will improve your hearing in addition to your overall health. Certain vegetables can be particularly beneficial to your hearing health such as; spinach, broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, bell peppers and potatoes. 

Ensuring you eat well is a great start to improving your hearing health, however if you require further hearing assistance, a hearing test is the best way to determine whether you require a hearing aid to ensure your hearing health is being managed. We conduct pain free hearing tests daily, with our profession audiologists delivering jargon free explanations to everyone. We take our time to ensure every individual is treated with the care and treatment they require, with a vast range of quality digital hearing aids to suit various lifestyles. 

Our personal service is family-run, reaching out beyond North London and North West London into Hertfordshire and Middlesex. So if you require our advice, simple pop into one of our practices. Enjoy spring, and all the sounds/sights of birds, and the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers it has to offer this year to the full. 

Find out more about what the spring weather means for your hearing, by simply following the link below (a tasty spring recipe is included too for you to try this Easter holidays):

Make your garden hearing healthy

Even a small garden can yield a variety of fresh, seasonable vegetables – including some which can positively impact your hearing health.


We hope you have a great Easter with your family and friends and remember, if you struggle to hear conversations, don't hesitate book an appointment and ensure your hearing health is taken care of. 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

Our Easter Open Hours