BlogNHS denies deaf patients hearing aids - lip read instead!

NHS denies deaf patients hearing aids - lip read instead!

The NHS denies deaf patients hearing aids...instead of assisting all hearing loss, which could prevent further medical conditions, the NHS have advised people with mild hearing loss to start lip reading instead.

Since the NHS was founded in 1948, this is the first time hearing aids are not being granted for free. 

You may have read in the news lately how the NHS are cutting back on costs. One of the first departments to enforce the rationing is the NHS audiology department. Patients who suffer ‘moderate’ or 'mild' hearing loss are now offered a test, to prove whether or not they will fully benefit from a hearing aid device. If the test does not show a sufficient level of hearing loss, free NHS hearing aids are no longer being prescribed.

The refusal of free devices for people with ‘mild’ hearing problems has caused an outrage among many, leaving health charities in disbelief, with people feeling isolated. NHS clinics across the UK started denying hearing aids to people with mild hearing loss 2 weeks ago, and rationing hearing aids to one per person, for those who do require the use of a hearing aid.

Leaflets supplied to patients who are no longer eligible for an NHS-funded hearing aid are being told to take alternative actions to improve their communication abilities,. Advice consists of sitting closer to others to read their lips, ask others to raise their voice or speak more clearly, or perhaps reduce background noise where possible. The NHS advice is thought unacceptable by some and not helpful advice. 

Quality hearing services are essential for the ageing population, with hearing loss affecting so many, particularly over the age of 60.

Please read more about the NHS hearing aid rationing in the article below:

NHS chiefs: 'You can't have a hearing aid - just lip read instead'

The first health board in the country yesterday started refusing free devices for people with ‘mild’ hearing problems.

Various NHS trusts have informed comities of the impact the rationing will have reducing costs greatly. It is thought approximately ten million Britons suffer from some kind of hearing loss, half over the age of 60, each hearing aid costs the NHS around £90. Authorities however claim the decision to ration hearing aids is not based on the financial benefit, simply new clinical evidence that a hearing aid is not always nesaccery, and importantly how people with mild hearing loss do not benefit from the use of a hearing aid.

Whether you are for or against the rationing, there certainly seems to be speculation from both sides.

The NHS have assured the nation, anyone with dementia, learning disability, tinnitus or a raft of other disabilities would be exempt from this new policy.

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NHS denies deaf patients hearing aids - lip read instead!