BlogNHS Staff Shortages Continue Vs. Private Sector

NHS Staff Shortages Continue Vs. Private Sector

Why do NHS staff shortages persist, what can be done to change these daily headlines? 

Historians, economists, nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff have all been interviewed on radio and TV,  to try to get to the bottom of this continuos question. Some claim there are fewer hospital beds over the years, others higher patient demands on the staff, not enough resources available throughout the heath care service, the budget allocated to the NHS still isn't enough etc. all answers contributing to mounting pressures upon the NHS, what is going on!? 

Unfortunately historical statistics reveal a sharp rate of decline in the resources provided to the NHS, staff numbers and budget allocated. We saw a steep fall in the late 1980s and early 1990s, followed by a more static position between 2000 and 2005 and then progressively a continuation of the downward curve.

As a solution, some have asked does the NHS have the right mix of staff with the right mix of skills? Could changing traditional medical roles, rather than simply boosting staff numbers be the answer? The Royal College of Nursing says England is currently short of at least 20,000 nursing staff. GP leaders and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine  also claim the UK urgently requires greater numbers of general practitioners and emergency doctors to end this struggle.

An older population, with often complex health needs, is certainly creating extra demand, however others disagree and simply say there has always been a reported shortage of staff since the start of the NHS!

NHS specialist services have expanded rapidly, theres no question of that,  with new technologies taken into consideration throughout different medical areas. It will not be an easy job to turn the NHS problems around, however something must be done, with global shortages of medical staff to follow. 

Speaking as one of the many private sector organisations in the UK, the private sector is the only way forward....the solution to the problem...taking the time to offer our expert care to individuals, offering the best service possible, for sure!!!

The private hearing care sector has been independently growing over the years, handling individuals hearing needs efficiently, giving personal care to those who require it immediately.  

As hearing care specialists, we understand the private health care core values and the level of care and service which must be provided to every customer. We personally ensure unfailing commitment to keep pace with technological advances in hearing health and to embrace the on-going changes in hearing aid development, keeping us at the forefront of our profession.

We provide the best private hearing service achievable, and the best hearing aids tailored to each of our customers lifestyles. Please read our reviews and testimonials to hear about our audiologists and the professional hearing care services offered. 

If you are torn, you must ask yourself, will our current unpredictable political circumstances see NHS recruitment and retention problems get even worse? Will increasing staff shortages continue to decline causing a crisis?

Affordable fully qualified health care solutions are available in the private sector to suit all your requirements. The future is unknown, although thought by some, to be predictable. 

Our family run business offers fully qualified and highly experienced staff, we are registered with The Health and Care Professions Council, and have practices across North and North West London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire, working closely with Ear Nose and Throat Consultants and local GPs. Through Nathan's membership of key professional bodies, including the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, the service remains up-to-date on all procedures. We remain proudly independent and members of the British Healthcare Trades Association, operating under their Code of Practice, and of the Customer Care Scheme run by BSHAA.

If you would like to find out more about our private hearing service, simply contact us today, or book an appointment to see one of our specialist and receive the personal hearing care you deserve. 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care - 

Responsible hearing care providers, putting your needs first.

NHS Staff Shortages Continue Vs. Private Sector