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Look after your hearing

Do you regularly clean your ears yourself?

This may seem an odd question, however from a hearing health perspective, it is important.

Amazingly, ears are quite equipped for self-maintenance. It is a fact that the majority of people, do not produce enough ear wax to suffer a build-up and require frequent ear cleaning. The little ear wax people do produce will usually manage to make its own way out via showering or daily jaw movement. Do not use a cotton bud! A common mistake which can result in damage to the inner ear and making the wax blockage worse.  

You may, however, suffer some degree of hearing loss and opt for a hearing test to check all is well. This may discover ear wax removal treatment is required a quick, simple, pain-free procedure. 

If a hearing aid is required following a hearing assessment, we have a quality range to choose from. Remember it is just as important to keep a hearing aid clean. Depending on how often you wear it, fine-tuning and tidying is required. Treat a hearing aid the same as wearing glasses, you'd clean the glass regularly, so why would it be any different. 

Always ensure your hearing aid batteries are brushed out regularly to avoid dust building and causing the hearing aid to malfunction. Tubing should also be kept clean from dirt or wax and changed every few months to maintain good performance.

Sometimes sadly a hearing condition is not as simple...

A recent headline caught our attention, of a 28-year-old woman, Margot Noel, who has suffered from a condition called misophonia all her life, where certain noises become unbearable, and she has to cover her ears or wear headphones or earplugs to protect herself.

The brain joins senses with emotions, however, some trigger sounds such as eating, whispering, clicking, tapping etc. for people with misophonia can be intolerable. Selective sound sensitivity as it is known results in a strong emotional response to the presence or anticipation of a sound. Margot Noel bravely took part in a trail to help create a cure. Read more about this story via the link:

The crunch of an apple makes me want to run away

Margot Noel has misophonia, which means "hatred of sound". Noises that may be annoying to some people cause her real distress.

If you wish to visit us at one of our North London hearing centres, simply book an appointment today. Never suffer in silence. If you are experiencing hearing problems seek professional advice and support. 

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Look after your hearing