BlogLess than 2 weeks until Bonfire Night!!!

Less than 2 weeks until Bonfire Night!!!

As Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night approach, do you have ear protection at the ready...? 

Whether it's loud music or at a Halloween party this year, or an organised firework display, ear plugs should be considered in advance. Any form of good fitting hearing protection is recommended when watching fireworks, to reduce the damage which can be caused. 

Fireworks are great fun to watch full of beautiful bright colours, however very it’s important to think about protecting your hearing at this time of year.

Fact: "The UK's legal limit for fireworks is 120dB, which is 35dB above the level of noise when hearing damage can occur. The louder the sound, the shorter the time period before hearing loss can happen. At 120db it only takes 7 minutes to risk permanently damaging your hearing."

Some further general safety advice from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:

Firework Safety - RoSPA

Fireworks Safety Advice, Information and Resources

If you feel you or a loved one are affected from a firework display or a deafeningly loud party this year, simply contact us for a routine hearing test, so we can identify whether any level of hearing loss obtained requires treatment.

Every individuals hearing health is important to us,  our services are tailored to individual requirements and various lifestyles. As a hearing care provider, we only ever put your needs first.

If you're taking younger children out to watch a firework display, ear defenders are highly recommended, with the additional advice of not to stand too close to the display, please remain a safe distance away, as proximity to the noise is also a harmful factor. 

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REMEMBER remember to be SAFE this 5th of November!

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Less than 2 weeks until Bonfire Night!!!