BlogInspired sports fans - visit us for a hearing test!

Inspired sports fans - visit us for a hearing test!

Are you a sports fan...always listening out for the latest sports news?

Until recently, the football world cup has been the focus of the sporting world, with England coming so close to the finals, however, have you heard of Lee Duck-hee?

Are you familiar with his courageous story? Despite being deaf he striving to develop and be the "best in the world at Tennis". At 20-years-old, he is choosing to live his dream every day.

He told the BBC "I'm very proud of myself as being the only deaf professional tennis player in the world at the moment". He continued to explain "I feel a huge responsibility that my every step as a tennis player will influence other deaf people. I hope my career could give them a hopeful message that they could also overcome their disability and make their dream come true."

Last month the South Korean professional aimed to qualify for the main draw at Wimbledon. 


The benefits of seeing an audiologist are clearly explained in the article below.

In summary, if hearing problems are detected early on, you could avoid the use of a hearing aid.

An underlying hearing problem such as continuous ringing in the ears or issues with balance is considered early detection.

The Benefit of Seeing an Audiologist

Despite regulation of noise pollution, many people are still exposed to large amounts of noise in their environment each day. Exposure to environmental noise, even when it does not seem significantly loud, can dramatically increase the risk of hearing los

Benefit today, book an appointment at your earliest convenience and monitor your hearing health. Seek our professional jargon-free advice, a qualified audiologist will provide you with the best possible hearing care required.

Following a hearing test, you could discover a degree of hearing loss and may be advised to wear hearing aids, or simply have ear wax removal treatment, or invest in custom hearing protection to prevent becoming deaf.

We'll cater to all your lifestyle needs. We'd advise visiting every one or two years in order to detect early emerging problems. Your hearing health is an important aspect of your overall being. 

Don't be uncomfortable, or struggle to hear, simply don't let hearing loss stand in the way of your daily life and enjoyment. Never miss a moment! 

Professional advice tailored to your individual needs

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Inspired sports fans - visit us for a hearing test!