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Hearing Loss and Sport

Are you a FIFA world cup 2018 fan?

Perhaps you are supporting your nation this season, and enjoying the football celebrations, however, noticed you are unable to hear all of the commentary as well as you have previously...this might be due to progressive hearing loss or perhaps noise induced hearing loss?

The best way to find out...a professional hearing test!

You may find yourself or a loved you simply ignoring the issue and saying "I'm slightly hard of hearing, that's all...", all levels of hearing loss should be acknowledged. Hearing aids may not always be the solution, in some cases ear wax removal solves temporary loss of hearing.    

Hearing care is an important part of your health! Many individuals throughout the world face challenges every day in their careers and social lives and surpass hearing loss obstacles by addressing and treating hearing problems.    

Do you wish to inspire sports in someone's life?

There are many deaf sports players from various different sports, each never letting hearing loss defeat their dreams. 

Reece Cattermole is a good example, he is currently the UK's only deaf professional boxer, who is proud to overcome many obstacles. He states "Our main aim is to go for title fights at British level, but for me personally inspiring others is one of the main goals",  he then goes on to acknowledge "It shows despite disability you can still achieve what your dreams are", read more in the BBC Sports article below:

Reece Cattermole: UK's only deaf professional boxer on overcoming obstacles

Reece Cattermole - the UK's only deaf professional boxer - about his journey into boxing and fight to get into the ring.

Don’t let swimmer's ear get in the way of your summer fun...

Don't allow a red inflammation in the ear canal to form, think ahead and prevent unnecessary ear infections caused by bacteria. Long exposure to water may cause irritation, if fingers, cotton swabs, or other objects are then used to clean or itch ears, the softened skin can be easily broken, spreading any infection. Do you require our swimming ear plugs?

Perhaps you need our "Industrial Testing" service if you are regularly in a loud environment, suffering noise pollution. We can provide you with ear protection, designed to reduce noise to a "safe" level.  

Here at Nathan Gluck, we can provide custom made ear protection for different types of requirements, from workplace noise to different sporting events.

If you're looking to keep fit and enjoy music festivals this summer, here are ten ways to protect your hearing and ensure hearing loss prevention from activities this season:

Ten ways to protect your hearing at summer music festivals and in the garden this season -

Spring and summer are among the noisiest seasons, in terms of potential hearing damage, according to Hidden Hearing.

Book an appointment today if you require our hearing care custom services, a hearing test, ear wax removal, or simply advice from our audiologists. Hearing protection is vital if you endure unsafe levels of noise via work or leisure, we can help. 

Professional advice tailored to your individual needs

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Hearing Loss and Sport