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Hearing Loss Affects All Ages

There is a common misconception that hearing loss only affects the elderly...

It is true that primary hearing problems are age-related, however hearing loss denial is generally formed when hearing loss develops in the younger generation. Noise, not age, is the leading cause of hearing loss.

It is also a vast fear that poor hearing always requires digital hearing aids. Once again hearing aids are not always the solution. With different types of hearing loss other devices and procedures are sometimes recommended. Speak with an audiologist to discover all the best options for you. 

Read some facts and recommendations in the article below:

Hearing loss hits a younger generation

Noise, not age, is the leading cause of hearing loss, and while hearing problems are common among older folks, damage from everyday noise is growing among younger Americans.

From another perspective, let's take a look at the top three excessive sounds, and the methods you could adopt to avoid them and maintain a better level of hearing health:

Home Improvements

If prolonged projects of home improvements/repairs are conducted, it can cause damage to hearing, especially to young children whose ears are still developing. A chainsaw and nail gun in close proximity can reach 110-140dB. Earplugs or protective headphones are required around this equipment to ensure less noise impact. 

Audio Earphones/Earplugs

These are one of the most common contributions to hearing loss, excessive earphone usage is proven to harm hearing health. However over-the-ear headphones are considered less damaging than in-ear buds. It is recommended that you set the volume of your devices to a reasonable safe listening level, not as fun some may say, although you will not suffer the consequences. 

Live performances (Gigs/Concerts)

The stage and cinema speakers are of course not in your your control, however you can try to avoid the impact on your ears where possible, we suggest perhaps choosing a seat as far away from the speakers as possible. It’s also advisable to be prepared and take your own earplugs (just in case).

We live in a world of blaring headphones, loud sounds systems, and "deafening" live gigs, which may seem impossible to control. You may even feel these excessive sounds are a little strict of life's fun ways, however they really do make a difference...if contributing factors can be avoided, why wouldn't you...

As common causes of hearing loss surely protecting your hearing where possible should be a priority?

At Nathan Gluck Hearing Care, every individuals hearing health is our priority! We help customers daily rediscover the beauty of hearing in life, one of the five natural body senses. As discussed above hearing loss can affect any age, therefore if you can have an influence on your hearing health we strongly recommend you do so. Sometimes however deafness is unavoidable, in these cases we find the best solution to reinstate as much hearing as possible via prescribing the right hearing device, suitable for the hearing loss type and the individuals lifestyle. 

We strive to offer every individual our time and professional advice and embrace technological advances and medical research. We have many years experience and look to improve hearing health everyday.

If you feel you are experiencing hearing problems, simply enquire or book a hearing test appointment today. It maybe a simple case of ear wax removal required. 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care - 

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Hearing Loss Affects All Ages