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Hearing Care Dos and Don'ts

Ears are often forgotten until a problem is recognized, hearing health is not as considered as other healthy elements, but it should be!

Hearing health is vital to communication and mental health. Recent studies discovered a direct link between hearing loss and dementia. 

It is important to be aware of your hearing levels and whether you require the assistance of a hearing aid device. Hearing can naturally degrade with age much like any other body part or organ. The more abuse and wear and tear, the harder it becomes to perform optimally.

When you consider the noise output from concerts, building work and everyday lifestyle, e.g. TV, iPods, lawn mowing etc. things have implications. 

Sometimes simply cleaning your ears and improving ear hygiene, can help you hear better. Sometimes not...there may be occasions when an audiologist ear wax removal procedure is required to microsuction stubborn wax in the ear canal. 

To help, we have listed a few "Dos and Donts" to maintain hearing health and avoid problems:


  • Do ... clean your ears, rinse out with warm water in the shower and wipe the outer portion with a washcloth
  • Do ... dry your ears after immersing them in water
  • Do ... wear protective earplugs if you’re going somewhere loud, or conducting a noisy task, it’s worthwhile
  • Do ... exercise, as it promotes ear health by encouraging circulation


  • Don’t … put anything inside your ear canal, small objects can damage your eardrum
  • Don’t … be concerned about a little earwax; it is your body’s natural mechanism, although, excessive earwax can cause hearing problems
  • Don’t … listen to music, movies ora attend events above recommended 85 decibels without protection:

Sound Levels

We also issue hearing aid aftercare advice and consider the "Dos and Donts" to properly maintain a hearing aid device:


  • Do … avoid condensation
  • Do … invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier
  • Do … clean your hearing aid after use with professional hearing aid cleaning tools
  • Do … store your hearing device in a special container


  • Don’t … wear the hearing aid in the shower
  • Don’t … forget to clean the battery contacts
  • Don’t … spray products near your hearing aid
  • Don’t … neglect regular ear cleaning

Dos and Don'ts of Hearing Aid Care

It simply takes are a few simple considerations to keep your hearing aid in optimal shape for years to come.

Oticon releases two “groundbreaking” new hearing aids...The Oticon Xceed power hearing aid for adults and the Oticon Xceed Play paediatric hearing aid!

They provide power hearing aid users with the Oticon open sound experience for the first time and ensure that Oticon now offers a full portfolio of hearing aids. They claim the Oticon Xceed is the world’s most powerful hearing aid, delivering the highest gain and output in the industry: 146 dB SPL MPO and 87 dB full-on gain.

To find out more about the hearing aids benefits, please read the article below:


Oticon releases “groundbreaking” new hearing aids

The Oticon Xceed power hearing aid for adults and the Oticon Xceed Play paediatric hearing aid are both designed for severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Take care of your hearing so you can enjoy your favourite sounds long into your future. Don't delay, it's a hearing test today!

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Hearing Care Dos and Don'ts