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Hearing Care Advanced - Siemens Binax Hearing Aid

Have you heard about the latest hearing care technology Siemens offer...?

Siemens hearing aids promise better speech recognition for hearing aid wearers. Their latest edition to the hearing care market was unveiled late last year to rectify hearing loss. Struggling to keep up with a conversation is now a problem of the past.

The concept of the Siemens Binax hearing aid is based on technology that Siemens originally introduced many years ago, with wireless designs which deliver a heightened sensitivity of acoustic environment, or High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR). The quality is said to be delivered without compromising spatial perception or battery life of the invisible hearing aids. Siemens booths have featured at many conferences around the world, demonstrating the capability and advanced technology achieved.

A hearing aid which adapts to surrounding sounds, is the goal of so many hearing aid manufacturers, with technology continuously developing and competing. To find out an individual wearer's requirements however and match with a compatible hearing aid is the job of every hearing care consultant. Siemens have highlighted how Binax will be beneficial for hearing aid wearers, compared to a standard hearing aid.

Benefits of the Siemens Binax hearing aid include:

  • Narrow Directionality
  • Spatial Speech Focus
  • eWindScreen binaural

The hearing aid is compatible with further features and devices launched by Siemens, such as:

  • touchControl App
  • easyTek™ wireless remote/streamer
  • easyTek App

Each designed and developed to work in harmony with your everyday life style, enabling you device/phone to act as a hearing aid remote control.

To read more about the benefits and functionalities listed above, please view the article below:

Siemens: New Binax System Outperforms Normal Hearing in Challenging Environments - Hearing Review

Siemens Hearing Instruments has introduced its new binax hearing aid platform that reportedly provides hearing aid wearers in noisy situations with better speech recognition than people with normal hearing.

Siemens have clearly considered individuals unique lifestyles, creating technology which blends seamlessly with everyday living.

It would appear Siemens have achieved success and hearing care breakthroughs. They have stated previously, how "research and technological advances have always played a key role in the development of hearing aid devices".

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Hearing Care Advanced - Siemens Binax Hearing Aid