BlogHear Clearly this Christmas Lunch...

Hear Clearly this Christmas Lunch...

A hearing test might be on the Christmas list this year if you are suffering hearing loss and do not wish to miss out at future events. 

In preparation for all holiday meals this season, think about the little changes which could be made to ensure the comfort of those who will find it tricky to hear conversations between family members and friends. Here are a few helpful top tips you may wish to consider:

  • Turn down any unnecessary background noise in rooms which can be overwhelming, such as the TV or radio
  • Reduce dinner table noise where possible, use plastic cutlery, plates and glasses to avoid the clattering
  • Have several small eating areas, instead of one large table sitting, to focus conversations between fewer people, a more pleasant way to focus on individuals and follow facial expressions at one time
  • Above all, if you already have digital hearing aids, please remember to wear one. 

If you're thinking of enjoying movies over Christmas, remember to avoid loud snacks, sit directly in front of the screen for the best view and balanced speaker sound. 

If you're experiencing hearing problems, don't be uncertain, don't struggle, please book an appointment today and find out whether you require a hearing device or a simple ear wax removal procedure.
Ear wax build up can lead to a more serious condition such as an ear infection. Prevent health problems which could be avoided:

Ear infection symptoms: Earwax build-up could be causing pain and itchiness

EAR INFECTION symptoms include pain, itchiness and some degree of hearing loss. A build-up of earwax could be causing the redness and swelling.

As hearing care professionals, we understand the different types of hearing loss and recommend the best hearing aids available to individuals if required. Our years of experience and commitment to keeping pace with technological advances ensure we deliver a high-quality service to those who need us. 

Visit us at one of our North London hearing care centres and enjoy the Christmas countdown this year. Make sure you hear all those Christmas carols and family stories next week! 

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Hear Clearly this Christmas Lunch...