BlogHappy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Start the decade ensuring good hearing health! 

If you've been experiencing hearing problems, make a new years resolution to book a hearing test for a professional opinion. Whether you require a test to determine whether you require a hearing aid, or you're due a regular hearing check-up to see whether your hearing aid is still the best solution for you, we can help.

Often restoring hearing can be as simple as our microsuction ear wax removal treatment, find out more about this procedure. 

With technologies in hearing aids continuously advancing, you'll be spoilt for choice. Your hearing is an important aspect of your health, stay connected! 

We recommend the best solution to fit your lifestyle. Don't suffer in silence, make every day of 2020 count, enjoy every day and never miss out on what your friends and family are saying around you. 

Simply Contact Us via form or call us on 0800 781 0422 to book an appointment. We have hearing care centres throughout North London, visit us.  

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

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Happy New Year 2020