BlogGive the Gift of Hearing this Mother's Day

Give the Gift of Hearing this Mother's Day

Treat your Mother this Sunday to the best gift you can give her...a Hearing Test or Hearing Aids to assist her everyday of the year!

Perhaps you're struggling with the right mother's day gift ideas, the perfect gift to give this Sunday? A Bouquet of flowers, Sunday lunch, a Personalised greetings card, a Photo frame etc. Or have you considered hearing gifts this year?...Give the gift of hearing this Mother's Day by simply booking an appointment.

As a qualified audiologist, working with those who suffer different levels of hearing loss daily, I understand the true value and life changing quality being able to hear all those around you gives an individual. The ability to listen to sounds whether the surrounding noise of a busy environment or a clear conversation between individuals truly means. So gift a hearing test or gift a hearing aid depending on the results, to change the lifestyle of someone very special in your life.

Our professional pain free tests and jargon free explanations of every individuals hearing will put their requirements first. As a health care provider understanding a patients needs and helping choose the best option for them is essential, our family-business takes pride in ensuring the right information and care is given to all who need it, keeping ourselves at the forefront with technological advances in hearing health and embracing the on-going changes in hearing aid development. We are a trusted independent member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, and operate under their Code of Practice, and of the Customer Care Scheme run by BSHAA.

Deaf musicians and their ability to never stop playing once progressive hearing loss takes hold, is inspirational. A hearing aid can help amplify sounds they struggle to hear, although not quite the same, why give up something which gives such joy to themselves and others. Plenty continue to play and release music tracks, despite hearing loss. Read about the violinist who doesn't let her hearing problems get in the way of her playing, a role model to so many:

Loss of hearing doesn’t keep violinist from playing, loving music

Sarah Langford found out in high school she suffered from a genetic progressive hearing loss. Although the higher registers of sounds are lost for the UK lab technician and future pharmacy student, she is nonetheless continuing to play violin and even has

- Wishing a Happy Mother's Day from Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

Giving hearing health the personal treatment

Give the Gift of Hearing this Mother's Day