BlogEnjoy the fireworks this year without damaging your hearing!

Enjoy the fireworks this year without damaging your hearing!

Daylight savings is fast approaching, and don't forget Halloween, however, one event which is scarily close is Bonfire Night, the 5th November!!!

Enjoy the firework safely this year, without hearing implications. 

Are you prepared for all the loud fireworks? Our top tips on how to protect your hearing will help:

  • Avoid or minimise loud noise exposure
  • Check the volume you watch or listen too
  • Limit your time exposed to loud sounds or take a break from the noise throughout an event
  • Create some distance between the noise and yourself 
  • Wear ear protection - we can provide custom made protection to reduce noise levels
  • Give your ears time to recover after being exposed to loud noises
  • Ensure regular hearing test check-ups at your local audiologist

Preventing hearing loss by maintaining your ear health and avoiding noisy environments, or protecting yourself around noise, will reduce other health concerns in the future. The link between dementia and hearing loss is widely known, alongside mental health issues when someone feels socially isolated from conversations, due to being unable to listen and join in. 

We have been trusted healthcare professionals for over 20 years, seek our advice today. Ask others if you struggle to hear in specific situations, to identify whether it is you or the environment.

If you feel Bonfire night leaves you feeling a little hard of hearing, and you've experienced hearing problems, post 24 hours of the event, visit one of our North London hearing clinics. Our audiologists will conduct a pain-free and jargon-free hearing test, to ensure your hearing health is taken care of.

Keep a close check on your kids this bonfire night and look out for hearing loss signs. The article below discusses younger children, however, all ages are affected:

How to detect hearing loss in children

More than 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

Book an appointment by form, or by calling us on 020 8455 4210 to clear any concerns you experience, don't sacrifice your hearing or lifestyle. 

Be safe, protect your ears this Bonfire Night - Wear foam earplugs and enjoy the spectacular light show! 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care - 

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Enjoy the fireworks this year without damaging your hearing!