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Driving with Hearing Loss

Driving or learning to drive can be challenging enough, however it is far more challenging for people driving with hearing loss...


Being able to hear is an essential sense required to drive, as driving depends on being able to see and hear all hazards on the road to avoid potential accidents. Scenarios could include cars honks, a warning signal, or perhaps a fast approaching ambulance or police vehicle.

Although challenging, people with hearing loss are able to drive safely, when the appropriate hearing device corrects their hearing impairment. Driving gives a person independence, and everyone has a right to enjoy it, simply take precautions and extra care, to ensure all road users remain safe.

A few helpful hints about hearing loss and driving:

  1. Wear your hearing aids at all times when you are behind the car steering wheel
  2. Eliminate all distractions - reduce noise inside your vehicle so you can hear the road (passengers speaking, radio etc.)
  3. Keep the car windows closed to avoid any sound distortion (wind)
  4. Install an extended rear view mirror to heighten awareness of your surroundings
  5. Double check your indicators after use - the faint sound of an indicator can be hard to hear, and can confuse other road users if left on, causing a potential hazard.

For further helpful hints, select the link below:

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Sight is obviously the sense we rely on most when it comes to driving, but hearing also plays a very important role.

A standard license does not need any special conditions attached to it, if you do suffer from a loss of hearing, however if you are concerned or it interferes with any other medical conditions or disabilities you may have, consult your doctor.

If you feel you require a hearing test, hearing aid or simple wish to enquire about a consultation to discuss your hearing abilities and receive our consultants care and advice, please book an appointment today.

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Driving with Hearing Loss