BlogDo your children need a summer hearing test this holiday?

Do your children need a summer hearing test this holiday?

Does your child suffer with hearing problems? Perhaps you need to schedule a summer hearing test this school holiday...

School is out and children are endlessly enjoying the summer sunshine and playtime.

Your child may be unable to explain why they didn't hear you call, which could impact upon their safety. Perhaps they mention their teachers sound quiet and they are struggling to hear in their lessons.

If your child ignores everyone repeatedly, consult a professional hearing care practice for advice and a hearing test.

Hearing loss in children can be rectified, as a hearing care audiologist practice we believe invisible hearing aids for children are necessary to ensure your childs education and playtime is not effected.

So if your little one has brought their hearing to your attention, or you simply believe they may be suffering from mild forms of hearing loss, please bring them along to one of our practices this school holiday, so we can advise appropriately.

Seek advice if you notice any of the following signs in your child:

  • Unclear speech
  • No reply when you call them or they ask you to repeat yourself often
  • If they watch and copy other children, as they have not heard instructions
  • Speak very loudly
  • Turn up the volume too loud on music, TV, electronic game consoles etc.

Book an appointment with us today to put your mind at rest and help your child, it's better to be safe than sorry!

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

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Do your children need a summer hearing test this holiday?