BlogDo you suffer from hearing loss?

Do you suffer from hearing loss?

Do you experience hearing problems in everyday conversations?

Perhaps you've noticed you struggle to hear what your family and friends are saying, or miss out parts of the conversation either sat at home or in a busy restaurant...

There are three different types of hearing loss, which maybe preventing you from joining conversations and listening to your loved ones or your favourite TV programs or films. 80% of people suffer with Sensorineural hearing loss, caused by defects in the cochlear, where the fine hair cells responsible for sound transmission are damaged. A contribution of factors may cause damage, including excessive noise exposure such as loud music or industry working environments, injury, illness, a blocked ear or simply part of the aging process (wear and tear). As a result nerve cells are no longer stimulated to transmit signals to the brain, interrupting the sound process.

The second type of hearing loss is Conductive, also known as "mechanical hearing loss", due to a problem conducting sound from the outside of the ear, to the inner ear, preventing accurate hearing. Causes of this hearing loss can include a lump of ear wax, a problem with the ear drum, damaged little hearing bones, fluid in the ear and more. Treatments maybe offered to assist the problem, as a hearing aid maybe unnecessary.

The third type of hearing loss can be a mixture of the two, people suffering with both Sensorineural and Conductive ear problems.

A question asked by so many - how do hearing aids work?

Approximately 7,000 different pitches can be identified and processed by the human ear. The outer ear is naturally designed to direct/funnel sound into the ear canal. A hearing aid is designed, whether fitted inside the ear (an invisible hearing aid) or outside the ear, to amplify sounds to the cochlear. Personal preference and requirements, such as background noise difficulties etc. will tailor which specific features a hearing aid must assist for you.

Every hearing loss case is individual! Even two people with the same hearing loss may find different types of hearing aids favourable, due to lifestyle choice.

If you're suffering with hearing loss, no matter how minor or major, why not simply book a hearing test online with us today.

Once accessed by one of our healthcare specialists, they will inform you whether you require one of our digital hearing aids fitting or hearing treatments.

We also provide a variety of hearing aid accessories to choose from and home visits, please select the link to find out more information, and whether you are eligible for this service.

If you would like to know more about hearing loss or the hearing care treatments which are available to assist your daily living, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you suffer from hearing loss?