BlogDo you require our NEW ear wax removal service?

Do you require our NEW ear wax removal service?

Do you suffer with blocked ears?

Healthy ears are important, to ensure you hear everything and everyone around you.

With years of audiology experience combined, our trusted Nathan Gluck hearing care team provide hearing tests, hearing aid fitting and aftercare both at our local branches or at your home, please select the link to find out whether you are eligible for our hearing test home visit service. We have recently decided to help customers tackle the symptom of blocked ears, via a simple procedure.

Ear wax removal can be carried out by a member of the Nathan Gluck hearing care team, along side any auditory training and exercises you already do, to regain or improve your hearing. You may have noticed your hearing has become muffled recently whilst watching your favourite TV program, or during everyday conversations with your family and friends...

Removing ear wax is an occurrence which you may endure at any age in your life.

Earwax build-up - Treatment - NHS Choices

In most cases, earwax falls out on its own, but if it's completely blocking your ear canal and causing hearing loss it may need to be removed.

Our Microsuction procedure is quick and simple:

Step 1 - Complete a form to ensure there is no reason why the ear wax removal cannot be conducted

Step 2 - A member of the Nathan Gluck hearing care team will investigate your ears

Step 3 - We gently use our Microsuction instrument to remove the ear wax from the ear canal (approximately 15 minutes)

Customers have been amazed at its success, how they have come in with hearing loss, and left being able to hear once again!

If you would like further information about our ear wax removal service or any of our personal hearing care services we provide, simply contact us today.

Don't let blocked ears affect your lifestyle!

Do you require our NEW ear wax removal service?