BlogDid you celebrate National Grandparents Day?

Did you celebrate National Grandparents Day?

The celebration marks the importance of grandparents, perhaps not as widely advertised as mothers day or fathers day, however respected and introduced to the UK in 1990 by the charity Age Concern.

Businesses specialise in gifts and greeting cards with sales increasing around the world every year.

What better way to show your love for your grandparents than to improve their quality of life by ensuring better hearing!

Professional hearing care for every individual is something we understand and value here at Nathan Gluck hearing Care. If your grandparents have never had a hearing test, book them an appointment today. Perhaps you wish to help a parent or other family member too if you’re noticed signs of hearing loss. Have you noticed someone close struggling to keep up with conversations or ignoring you? The first hearing appointment only takes approximately an hour, it could change their life...

We would ask a few questions and play sounds at different pitches so a patient could interact with our trained audiologists. The hearing test would consist of a pair of headphones and button to press every time a sound is heard. A further hearing test would be conducted via a special headband designed to test how well sounds are heard through vibrations.

Our digital hearing aids come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit every individual comfortably, fitting into any lifestyle. With different types available, we will explain the best solution for you, why it is best and how your device would work.

Don’t worry, none of our tests will cause discomfort.

All our hearing test results can be seen immediately, followed by a jargon free explanation. Any type of hearing loss diagnosed shall be remedied, by the most suitable form of hearing aid or alternative treatment.

You will be under no obligation to proceed, if you do not wish too. We simply wish to provide the best independent advice possible, to ensure any hearing loss is rectified to improve an individual's quality of life and enjoyment. Speak to us today with any questions you have about us or our hearing services featured here on our Website.

So if you didn’t celebrate Grandparents Day this year, please book an appointment or follow up appointment today to address any hearing loss suffered.

Contact our specialists via our simple “book now” page, or call our free of charge phone line 0800 781 0422, or send an email to and we’ll get straight back to you.

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care -

Don’t suffer in silence..

Did you celebrate National Grandparents Day?