BlogDefying All Odds Continued...

Defying All Odds Continued...

Did you read about the truly inspirational women earlier this year, who each refused to let hearing loss stand in the way of their dreams...

A deaf dentist and a deaf dancer had aspirations to reach their life goals no matter what.

Esraa fought and successfully became Egypt's only deaf dentist, to prove she was good enough and how stereotypes about deaf people are wrong. She was turned away from all but one dental schools across Egypt, as they wrongly deemed her "unfit" for a practical profession. Esraa was born deaf and wanted to prove "anything is possible".

At seventeen years of age, Esraa had a cochlear implant fitted, and is able to lip read perfectly, the world has gained another great dentist as a result of her determination. "Don't care what others think", a positive message projected to the world!

Dancing too is a wonderful skill in life, a life-long dream twenty-year-old Tianjiao Zhang decided to achieve, despite hearing problems. She states how “Lots of people used to tell me it would prevent me from becoming a dancer...but my teacher and especially my mother have always believed in me.” She was encouraged to never give up.  

Tianjiao learned to dance, hear and speak all at the same time. She now successfully preforms as a freelance dancer and has appeared in numerous competitions. To prove all those who doubted her wrong, she bravely preformed and won the Chinese TV competition “China’s Dancers,” leaving the jury and audience in awe.

She feels the beats of the music when she dances, however thanks to digital hearing aids, she can listen to the melancholy pop songs to study and improve new dances. Hearing aids give people the ability to hear more clearly, in this case to hear music, inspiring Tianjiao who wishes to dance professionally, a life without limits. The study is tough, but the dream for as long as she could remember is now reality. 

Tianjiao teaches children to dance as a result of her determination to pursue her goal, inspiring many young students the art of dance. She pursues her long-term goal to own a dance school of her own and share the happiness dancing brings to peoples lives.  

Please take a few moments to watch both Esraa and Tianjiao's stories below:

The only deaf dentist in Egypt

Esraa was turned away from all but one of Egypt's dental schools but that didn't stop her from becoming the country's first deaf dentist.

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Defying All Odds Continued...