BlogDefying All Odds...

Defying All Odds...

It is truly inspirational when someone overcomes life-changing challenges to succeed in their true passions!

Have you been watching Americas Got Talent 2017? Simon Cowells golden buzzer was no surprise recently, when an extra talented women, Mandy Harvey, performed singing for the panel of judges whilst playing an instrument, communicating with Simon Cowell via a sign language interpreter. 

Many ask themselves what causes hearing loss? The honest answer, there are multiple causes identified, or a combination. Every individuals hearing is unique, your level of hearing loss may have been impaired by lifestyle choices, such as load music or machinery, or it could unfortunately be due to a medical condition, resulting in ear damage. The singer Mandy Harvey suffered a connective tissue disorder at the young ages of 18, which affected her nerves. It lead her to drop out of Colorado State University. Thankfully however she started singing again and has since gone onto release three albums and build a career as a jazz singer. She has performed at the Kennedy Center. 

Mandy chose not to give up music, instead she was reborn into the world of deaf composition. Watch her performance on America's Got Talent:


There are many different types of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, caused by a variety of factors. 

Recent headlines have discussed the topic of paracetamol and deafness. How women who take 2 or more painkillers a week, are increasing their likelihood of becoming partially deaf. Studies have found the link to hearing loss to cause permanent damage, as the drugs are thought to cut the blood supply to the inner ear and expose it to noise damage. The latest findings back up similar research in men, according to the experts. 

Partial deafness can also be caused by a build up of ear wax. We provide a quick and efficient ear wax removal service, our microsuction procedure is jargon-free,  pain free, with same day appointments available, even on Sunday's.

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Defying All Odds...