BlogCochlear Implants discussed...

Cochlear Implants discussed...

When a hearing aid is not enough...a cochlear implant maybe the answer...

It is the technology which enables many profoundly deaf people to hear once again. Whether an individuals hearing loss is age related or associated with their genetics, it can be an inconvenience when trying to engage in conversation.

Unlike digital hearing aids, a much larger cost is associated with the hearing care treatment. On average the operation, scans, tests advisory sessions and follow up appointments with hearing care consultants can cost in the region of at least £30,000. It is a service which is available on the UK NHS, however there is as expected a waiting list. Approximately 10,000 people in the UK have undergone the treatment procedure.   

The Cochlear Implant Pros and Cons Identified:

  • Large costs incurred
  • A slightly increased risk of meningitis, which patients are vaccinated against
  • Higher frequency sounds predominate
  • Not a suitable treatment to hear most music
  • The surgical procedure consists of many risks


  • The hearing test pass rate is generally higher
  • Offers considerable improvement for those who are born deaf, or those who have trialled all types of hearing aids with unsuccessful results
  • Discrete for people with more hair, it would hardly be noticeable and often mistaken for a music device or Bluetooth
  • Provides more safety to the user - gives the ability to hear danger

The procedure introduced many decades ago, has undergone vigorous tests and research to continuously improve the achievable results. We'd advise researching the procedure and all associated side affects further if you are considering signing up for the surgical procedure in the near future.
Read the article below to learn more of one womens personal account of the cochlear implant procedure.

Cochlear Implants - a first hand account...... - Silversurfers

This is the technology which enables many profoundly deaf people to hear again. I had a cochlear implant in 2008. My deafness is age related and to some extent genetic as my mother and her father were quite deaf in later life. I had noticed some difficult

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Cochlear Implants discussed...