BlogCan hearing aids really help you live longer?

Can hearing aids really help you live longer?

Hearing aids improve hearing, do they really help extend a persons life?


Being without one of your five senses can be difficult during everyday activities, however hearing loss can be assisted by the use of a hearing aid, personalised to your hearing abilities. We can conduct a few simple, pain free tests to determine the best hearing aid for you as an individual.

Poor hearing can affect aspects of your health and safety, therefore your longevity. It has been confirmed by research, that people who wear hearing aids have a much lower morality risk, than those who require a hearing aid however choose not to wear one. Specialists recommend annual hearing tests after the age of 50.

Below are the 5 ways a hearing aid can contribute to a longer and healthier life:


Hearing and Balance

When you are caught off balance, a fall can cause both fatal and non-fatal injuries, which increase the risk of hospitalization and early death. When you are walking your ears are responsible for picking up subtle cues that help with balance and navigating an environment safely. When your brain is working harder to process sound without a hearing aid, it results in a "cognitive overload" that may interfere with some of the mental processes required to walk safely.

It is proven that if hearing loss is left untreated, the risk of an individual having an accident is increased.


Safety in an Emergency

There are many auditory cues throughout everyday living that help keep us safe, e.g. ambulance sirens, fire alarms, pedestrian crossing sound, all rely on the ability to hear and remove yourselves from danger as quickly as possible. Unfortunately most warnings are also of a high frequency, making it unlikely to be heard by a person with hearing loss.

Anxiety and confusion are common in any crisis delaying a response, therefore being prepared and wearing a hearing aid could keep you alive in an emergency.


Dementia/Alzheimers and hearing loss

It has been proven that managing hearing loss will reduce the risk of Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia, than people who choose not to improve their hearing. A person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia have about one-half the life expectancy than people who are not.


Social isolation

Some find themselves socially isolated when suffering with hearing loss, cutting themselves off from people and activities, fearing that they may not be able to engage or participate in conversation. Having a hearing aid can solve this, giving the ability to communicate with friends, family and loved ones.


Hearing and Anxiety/Depression

When hearing loss is left untreated, it can often lead to depression and even anxiety in a situation, affecting some ones mental health. Research has shown that people with mental health issues tend to have a shorter life span.


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Five ways hearing aids can help you live longer

Did you know using hearing aids can increase your life span? Here are five ways hearing aids can help you live better, for longer.

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it could give you a longer life!

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Can hearing aids really help you live longer?