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British Sign Language

Did you know Sainsbury’s turned one of its stores into the UK’s first signing supermarket for 3 days, in an effort to support the hard-of-hearing community project?

Over 100 colleagues in the store took part in British Sign Language lessons supported by a colleague who is deaf, Sam Book and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Rachel Shenton.

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Sainsbury’s runs first sign-language supermarket in the UK

‘It’s a great step towards inclusivity for the deaf community’

Sign language has become the coolest night class trend, efforts are being made to make British Sign Language (BSL) part of our daily lives, which could help over 11 million deaf people in the UK live a better life.

There are currently approximately 150,000 BSL users. It has been recognised as an official language by the government, since 2003. 

A fun fact: "The first historical mention of BSL is a record of a wedding ceremony conducted partially in sign language in Leicester, 1576."

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British Sign Language