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Assisting Hearing Loss

Untreated hearing loss on everyday life impacts emotional well-being and physical health... 

  • Nearly 750 million adults worldwide
  • Two-thirds of adults over the age of 70
  • 500 million people under the age of 65
  • 8 out of 10 say having a hearing aid improves their quality of life

Recently research identified how hearing loss is linked to increased risk of falls, depression, anxiety, hospitalizations and even dementia, avoid this and don't let your activities be limited, have a professional hearing test and the treatment you require today. 

When hearing is impaired, those sounds you’ve taken for granted start to fade. Hearing loss affects include people feeling embarrassment, missing their favourite sounds, songs and tones, which may lead to sadness and frustration. Missing critical or important information can create anxiety, paranoia and not hearing conversations clearly can lead to feeling excluded, isolation often leads to depression! Adults with hearing loss are up to 5 times more likely to develop dementia.

When hearing is impaired, connections, interactions and moments can be muted and become strained, such as missing a child’s first words, missing a good joke, limiting independence, feeling guilty for continuously asking people to repeat themselves. 

You may have seen the new hearing aid emoji with your latest mobile software update?

It clearly features an ear with hearing aid, worn by a person with hearing loss, in the style of Behind The Ear (BTE), please see:

🦻 Ear With Hearing Aid Emoji

An ear shown with a hearing aid, worn by a person with hearing loss. The style shown in Behind The Ear (BTE), but this can represent any form of hearing aid. …

If your spouse, friend or coworker has hearing loss, there are plenty of ways to help him or her. Hearing loss support is important, it helps someone communicate more efficiently with those around them daily.

Living with hearing loss can be tricky as you don't want it to affect relationships, relate to what your loved one or friend is experiencing, develop an increased level of patience.

If you need further advice on how to support someone with hearing loss or hearing loss assistance (top tips) please read the following:

How to support someone with hearing loss

The best thing you can do if your partner or spouse has hearing loss is be a strong support for them and encourage them to seek help. Learning communication tips will also go a long way.

Starbucks have opened a second signing cafe, they understand communication is important throughout the most basic of daily tasks, such as ordering a coffee.

This new signing Starbucks in Penang is following the success of the first store, created three years ago. They hope it will enrich the lives of so many managing hearing loss. 

Starbucks Malaysia partnered with Penang Deaf Association (PDA) to facilitate the professional training and development of the store partners, including Malaysian Sign Language classes and internship opportunities.

Please read more:

Starbucks opens 2nd signing store in Penang

These stores demonstrate Starbucks commitment to building a company where everyone is welcome<br> by TMR BERJAYA Starbucks Coffee Co Sdn Bhd (Starbucks Malaysia) marked another milestone with the opening of its second signing store in Burmah Road, P

Don't let hearing loss hold you back, take control and live life to the full. 

If you're experiencing hearing problems, simply book an appointment by form, or by calling us on 020 8455 4210 today, to clear any concerns you may have about your hearing health. 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care - 

Enjoy better relationships with better hearing

Assisting Hearing Loss