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Communicating with hearing loss can be challenging

Thanks to an increasing rise in deaf awareness and technology advances, the nation is making life a little easier and less tiring for people with hearing loss. 

Managing hearing loss can be ongoing in a new environment, but what if more people learnt British Sign Language? 

How sign language became the coolest night class trend

Thanks in part to Stormzy's unforgettable Glastonbury performance.

Learning BSL is becoming mainstream, it will help over 11 million deaf people in the UK live a better life. 

The internet quickly became obsessed with Tara Asher, the British Sign Language interpreter who translated all of Stormzy’s lyrics at Glastonbury.

Huawei also revealed its "StorySign" library, which helps to open the world of books to deaf children. The app allows people to hold their phone up to the words on a page and its avatar signs the story as the printed words are highlighted.

Progress is being made...

Just last month (you may have read in the previous blog) Sainsbury's experimented by briefly turning one of its stores into the UK’s first signing supermarket. Schools are also being urged to take bigger steps in making the world more inclusive for people with hearing problems. 

The BBC is testing new audio mix technology that allows hearing-impaired viewers to change the levels of the audio on a programme.

Read more about where you can test this: 

BBC tests new audio mix technology to help hearing impaired viewers - TVBEurope

'Narrative Balancer' helps viewers turn up speech and reduce other sounds

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