BlogAre you prepared for November 5th?

Are you prepared for November 5th?

You may have forgotten daylight savings, or you may be able to ignore Halloween, however, one event you should not ignore which is scarily close is Bonfire night 5th November. 

Are you prepared for all the loud fireworks? Consider wearing earplugs...

The NHS advice the 5 top ways to protect your hearing are:

5 ways to prevent hearing loss

Find out the simple steps you can take to avoid damaging your hearing from loud noise.

If a hearing problem does occur in the future there are Do’s and Don’ts when handling hearing loss - things to remember.


  1. Do get your ears and hearing checked regularly by a trusted hearing healthcare professional and seek trustworthy advice.
  2. Do ask others if they are struggling to hear in specific situations, to identify whether it is you or the environment.
  3. Do realize your hearing ability impacts others (your family, friends, co-workers etc.).
  4. Do talk to others with hearing loss, local groups can provide friendly familiar support.


  1. Don’t ignore it and think it will recover on its own. Whether you simply require ear wax removal or a hearing aid device, seek advice.
  2. Don’t presume you are too young for hearing loss.
  3. Don’t stop going out and being around others because you are uncertain of your hearing, maintain your lifestyle with hearing devices.
  4. Don’t think hearing loss only affects your hearing, if left untreated, hearing loss can increase depression, social isolation, dementia and a decrease in general health. 
  5. Don’t be afraid, there is a vast growth in the development of hearing technology globally.

If you feel Bonfire night leaves you feeling a little hard of hearing, visit one of our hearing clinics. Our audiologists will conduct a pain-free and jargon-free hearing test, to ensure your hearing health is taken care of.

Book an appointment by form, or by calling us on 020 8455 4210 to clear any concerns you experience, don't sacrifice your hearing or lifestyle. 

Be safe, protect your ears this Bonfire Night! 

- Nathan Gluck Hearing Care - 

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Are you prepared for November 5th?