BlogA Hearing Aid That Can "See" and Lip Read

A Hearing Aid That Can "See" and Lip Read

Hearing care specialists are developing a hearing aid which can actually see and translate to audio, a hearing aid which will actually be able to lip read...

We may not realise, however the average person will subconsciously use their eyes to help them hear and listen to someone when engaging in conversation.

Currently hearing aids which are available on the market, are audio-only based. The impressive development could change the next-generation hearing aids, with an audio-visual hearing aid becoming popular around the world.

Advanced hearing aids will ensure smart communication for everyone, aiding daily living for those with hearing loss. The scentists are developing what they refer to, as a 360-degree approach to hearing, incorporates a tiny camera into a hearing device. This intelligent tracking would switch between auditory and visual information, translating the words seen into spoken dialogue for the user.

If successful, it will become the first of its kind in technology.

Read more about the Scottish research team and their work by selecting the link below:

A Hearing Aid That Can “See”

A team of Scottish researchers is developing a hearing aid system that can read lips as well as amplify sound. Their goal is to develop a system that ...

Whether you or someone you know suffers with a form of hearing loss, this exciting new development is something to follow in the coming months.

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A Hearing Aid That Can "See" and Lip Read